About Us

Welcome to APGR Green!

APGR Green was founded in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The idea for APGR Green emerged as a way to eliminate pesky moles without causing damage to the environment, soil and water resources, pets and most importantly our children.

APGR Green was extended to extinguish fiery ant mounds when a native Texan joined the venture. It was his belief that APGR Green’s concept would also be effective in controlling these populations. Testing in Texas and Louisiana proved his theory.


Out of extensive research and testing, Mole-Zap and Ant-Zap were born. Using food grade CO2 (used in sodas, sparkling water, fountain drinks, etc.), it was discovered that by displacing oxygen in mole burrows and ant mounds, the animal would simply go to sleep and never wake up. Finally, providing an environmentally safe solution to get rid of these pests that actually works.

APGR Green provides an EPA approved Fumigant, which has no run-off or residue, that is a “one-of-a-kind” alternative to chemical-based pesticides.

The APGR Green Team