Kills Ants Effectively and Safely


Ant-Zap is a “One-of-a-Kind”, ORGANIC approach to a pest-free lawn. Ant-Zap is an environmentally-safe, with no harmful chemicals, 100% non-poisonous, and EPA approved. Ant-Zap will produce no runoff or harmful residue. Ant-Zap is a very innovative product in that is uses CO2 cartridges, which allows Ant-Zap to be PET SAFE and child-friendly. Ant-Zap is a do-it-yourself approach to combating ants around your home. This new product is easy to use and is can be used to  permanently remove ants from your yard.

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• 100% CO2 displaces oxygen which puts the pest to rest…PERMANENTLY!

• 4 simple steps to an “Ant-free” lawn

BEFORE AntZap kills ants
Kills Ants and is easy to use
AFTER AntZap kills ants